Huge selection of more than 2,000 items of commercial gym equipment. ProGymEquipment has the widest selection of commercial gym equipment available in the market. Please contact us for a quote and we guarantee to beat any other price for like-for-like equipment. If we can’t give you the best price, we’ll tell you where you can buy it cheaper.Commercial gym equipment

What is commercial gym equipment?

Commercial gym equipment is equipment that has been specifically designed for, and carries a warranty for, use in a commercial gym environment.

This equipment will be much more durable than equipment designed for domestic use. The warranty will cover use within a business and will ensure that should you suffer a machine breakdown, you will receive a rapid service visit and repair.

From a healthy and safety point of view you should never use domestic grade equipment within a commercial environment. It is likely that your insurance company will not cover you should anybody be injured using equipment that is not suitable.Commercial Gym Equipment

What are the different types of commercial gym equipment?

There are a couple of important terms to consider when you are looking at commercial gym equipment:

Full Commercial
This is equipment that carries a specification for use within any type of commercial gym. This equipment will be suitable for the heaviest use – even in a 24 hour gym. The warranty will not specify any time limits for usage so you can be assured that you will be covered in the event of any breakdown.

Light Commercial
This equipment (sometimes called Semi Commercial) is equipment that is intended for use in a lighter usage environment. Light commercial environments typically include: hotels, personal training studios, schools & colleges and corporate gyms. In most instances there will be daily/weekly time limits attached to the warranty. Somewhere between two and six hours use per day is usual, but we can explain these limits to you.

Some light commercial gym equipment is the same as the full commercial versions, the only difference being reduced warranty. Some light commercial items are uprated domestic models with increased warranties. Other light commercial models are purpose built for the light commercial market. We feel it is important that you are told exactly what you are getting.Commercial Gym Equipment

Should we buy new or refurbished?

We sell a massive selection of new and refurbished commercial gym equipment.

When buying refurbished equipment, you should be made fully aware of the warranty terms. As a general rule, the less expensive the item, compared to market value, the shorter or more restrictive the warranty will be.

Buying new equipment, whilst clearly more expensive, gives you the peace of mind of a manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you guaranteed access to parts and servicing. Refurbished equipment, may or may not offer you the same security.

You can easily buy the cheapest refurbished equipment from an auction site, but what happens if something breaks? What happens when half of your machines are inoperable and your members are frustrated? When buying refurbished equipment from us you will have the choice of a number of grades:

  • Level 1 – Used with 3 months warranty
  • Level 2 – Serviced, repaired and partially refurbished with 6 months warranty
  • Level 3 – Fully remanufactured with at least 1 years warranty

Be very careful buying equipment from sources that are not guaranteed to offer you support for the lifetime of the equipment. You need to have access to parts once the warranty has ended and only a reliable company with a proven history will be able to guarantee you this.

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