Gym Installation

One of the services we offer is full professional gym installation. Our installers are professionally trained and insured.

Gym equipment is very heavy and sometimes fairly complex to assemble. Let us take the worry and hard work out of the assembly process by doing the gym installation for you.


What does gym installation involve?

All installations include:

  • Delivery of equipment to gym area
  • Unpackaging and checking of items
  • Removal of waste (cardboard boxes, pallets etc)
  • Assembly of gym equipment
  • Positioning of equipment
  • Calibration (where required)
  • Testing

More complex installations of multiple items may also involve:

  • Pre installation planning and project management
  • Pre installation site visit(s)
  • On site project management
  • Staff training


Can we install the equipment ourselves?

Realistically, yes you can! With a few pairs of hands and some basic tools, you can probably install the equipment yourself, but…

If you make an error during the installation and damage the equipment, you may invalidate your warranty. If you void your warranty, you will be left with no cover in the event of future machine breakdown. It is therefore our recommendation that all equipment is professionally installed. If anything goes wrong, it will be our responsibility.


How much does it cost?

The cost of installation depends on the volume and complexity of equipment as well as the access to site. On all of our proposals for commercial gym equipment, we include installation costs. Typically these will be between 2 and 7% of the total order value. For small volumes of equipment, the ratio is slightly higher.

It might be possible to include the installation within your gym equipment leasing agreement, in which case you could spread the installation cost over the term of the lease. Please discuss this with us before signing your lease agreement as not all of the lease companies allow this.