How the journey begins

You’ve decided you want a gym. Now what?

The first step is to answer a few key questions that will form the basis for some important decisions:

1. Who will be using the gym?

Are you looking to open a health club? In which case there will be a lot of users of differing ages, physical abilities and fitness goals.

Or perhaps you are setting up a corporate gym at your head office. There might be fifty staff wanting to use the gym.

Determining in the first instance WHO will be using the gym will determine the space required, the types and quantities of equipment and highlight some important health and safety concerns to be addressed later.


2. Has the location of the gym been decided?

Where you locate your gym is the next thing to think about. If you have a property already, then the size of the building will determine how many users can make use of the facility, as well as how much equipment will fit.


3. Is your gym a commercial venture? Do you have a business plan?

Somebody once said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. If you do not know your break-even points, the number of members and secondary sales required to achieve a profit, then now is the time to do these calculations.


4. How will you finance the gym?

Do you have an investor? Do you need lease financing? Arranging finance early on is vital so that you know exactly how much money you can spend on the project. Credit checks and business searches will need to happen and any lender will want to see your business plan.


5. Gym Specification

Now you know who will be using the gym, where it will be located, how many members you need to make the business work and how you are financing, you are in a good position to start thinking of the specification. The list below is by no means exhaustive:

– Layout
– Decor
– Changing and showering facilities
– Lighting
– Reception area
– Access control
– Emergency exits
– Heating, air conditioning and ventilation
– Flooring
– Mirrors
– Retail sales area (in commercial gyms)


6. Gym Design

A good gym design is vital. You have to consider how the users will move through the gym. How will you make best use of the space available? How will you group the equipment? By equipment type, by body part, by fitness level?


7. Gym Equipment

This is the bit we love the most! Choosing brands and models that work together and fit your budget is a lengthy process.

How much of your budget you allocate to certain types of equipment must also be decided. We’ll help you every step of the way with these sorts of things. Working out the ratios of bikes to treadmills or strength machines to free-weights is what we do best!