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What we do

We do gyms! Gyms are our consuming passion. When we sleep, we dream of gyms.

The gym supply market is crowded. Plenty of companies sell equipment. What we guarantee is that you will never find a company more committed and more enthusiastic about YOUR gym.

How we do it

We are in the unique position of trading in five countries. This gives us global experience. This also gives us unrivalled buying power. Combined with many years in this industry, and an insane passion for gyms, we can deliver you something a bit special… and different to what everyone else can offer.

As an independent retailer, we have no ties to any manufacturer and can tailor the perfect solution for you. We are not bound to quote a particular range and our sales team are trained on all the products we sell. What matters is creating a gym that fits the needs of the customer, not the needs of the company selling the goods. If you would like to see all that is available, multiple solutions can be shown, and you will receive impartial advice as to which option we feel would work best.

Our experience

Each month we:
Design more than 50 gyms.
Deliver and install an average of 15 commercial gyms
Visit dozens of gyms around the world

We’d love to use our experience to help you.

Custom Gym Design

We can help you build your perfect gym